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Due to thousands of years of experience in cultivating and processing tea in China, Emerail is able to supply teas of excellent quality. With the help of extended research and ever-advancing technology, Emerail now is the owner of 3 patents, developing a unique technique for producing finest tea leaves in comparatively large quantities. These new optimized methods are also used to decrease the physically tough labor of tea farmers. Our farmers benefit from wages higher than in other parts of the country and are now enabled to enjoy a high standard of living. To value the living and working conditions of its tea farmers is part of the mission and success of Emerail.

Tea leaves can be harvested up to 3 times a year. Our Ziran Premium Green Tea is produced only from leaves of the first harvest in springtime. They are of superior delicate quality, yielding the freshest, most delicate and intensive flavoring. Thanks to these conditions, Ziran is a first flush green tea of world class.

Green tea can be prepared through various processes, all of which ultimately share common qualities. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented, meaning that the tea leaves are only briefly heated, roasted or steamed. The heat in turn causes the pores of the leaves to close, preventing the escape of the contained enzymes that would normally cause fermentation. This way all natural active ingredients and flavors are preserved. Pan roasting is the most common method of processing green tea in China. We supply our customers with only the the richest and most prominent of the freshly picked and carefully selected whole leaves. After the tea leaves are heated and allowed to cool for a short period of time, they obtain their final form. Each whole leaf is shaped into a small pearl giving Ziran its characteristic shape. The tea is then dried again before beginning its journey to tea lovers all over the world.




Emerail's number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers through the quality of our products and our work. It is our aim to build a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with those we service and those involved in the company's services.


The oldest tea culture has its roots in China. Especially green tea is extremely popular and continues to be the most widely consumed kind of tea in China, which is also enjoyed in its natural, pure form, without additional aromas or sugar. This enjoyment and the benefits of the consumption of first class tea has been recognized all over the world as a contribution to personal happiness and health. Be it the revitalizing effects or the delicate, fresh and tasteful nature of Chinese tea.

Our aim at Emerail is to provide high-quality tea which also conveys the tradition of China's tea culture. There are virtually no limits when it comes to enjoying a cup of Emerail Premium Tea. Take the time to enjoy it with each of its qualities. Perceive the scent, feel the warmth and be aware of the bright colors. Close your eyes during each sip and savor the taste of the delicate, sweet flavors of Ziran or Ruyi. For special moments like these Emerail provides high class delicate and flawless teas!

Emerail Premium Tea is grown in the tea gardens of Guizhou in southwestern China. Emerail is the largest organic tea manufacturer in the province and one of the most important agriculture companies of the country. Emerail recognizes that organic farming in the region is a great investment to make for the future. Emerail continues to protect plants by completely omitting any use of chemicals. Furthermore, the production process depends heavily on solar technology. To omit pesticides and harm from insects or animals perceived as a natural hazards to tea plants sound waves are used to keep these from the plantation.

The mountainous highlands, the subtropical climate and nutrition-rich soil of the area provide the perfect conditions for the cultivation of premium tea. The plantation covers a range of four square kilometers, essentially offering the possibility of harvesting on average up to 10,000 kg of fresh tea leaves each year.

Tea was first cultivated in China and the origin of its tradition goes back about 2,500 years in time. Tea is grown from seeds or re-potted cuttings from other tea plants. The most common way is to cultivate the plants using cuttings from shoots of healthy and very vigorous plants, which require special protective and intense care. They are grown in special containers with humus-rich soil. After nine months the young plants are put in their place on the plantation. At this stage the plants continue to grow for three to six years before they are harvested for the first time. The plants are cut at a height of about 1.50 meters for continuously sprouting tender new leaves, which can be harvested up to 3 times in a year. Chinese tea plants can be used for up to 100 years. In the wild, tea plants grow into trees and can even reach a height of up to 15 meters. In Guizhou, there are many 1,000 year old tea trees on the hillside. Emerail is a proud owner of several traditional tea tree plantations of this age. This tea is very special, rare and precious, and to date available only in China.


Emerail acts effectively, cautiously and without sacrificing quality or (other) principles. Our tea is grown according to the guidelines of organic farming. This means, no chemicals such as pesticides are involved in the production process of Emerail Tea products. Thus, negative impact on nature is avoided, the well-being of tea farmers and the neighbouring communities living around the tea gardens is protected and the health of our tea consumers fostered. Emerail is also proud to have become the largest organic tea manufacturer in Guizhou, certified by the IFOAM*.

The goal of Emerail is to make Chinese tea specialities of premium quality - from a unique and traditional tea region - available to tea lovers in Europe. For this, the tea leaves are picked very carefully and are gently processed to preserve most of its outstanding natural and health-promoting qualities. Emerail relies on age-old knowledge of the local tea farmers to create the unique quality and taste of the company's tea.

By introducing the latest technology, the working and living standards of our tea farmers has seen significant improvement. The old use of physical labor has become reduced dramatically and farmers are now well paid above the average pay under Chinese standards. Being aware of the traditional hardship of country life in China, we are proud to see them having more time for family and friends and essentially living with joy.

* International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements