Ziran   Ruyi
Ziran – Premium Green Tea    Ruyi – Premium Black Tea
First-Class Green Tea Jasmin
  First-Class Green Tea
First-Class Black Tea

Emerail offers traditional Chinese green and black tea which have been cultivated in a well-known southern Chinese tee plantation, a region that has been hardly discovered by Europe. Emerail tea is a product of a thousand-year-old experience and provides high-quality, traditionally harvested tea, which is becoming more widespread and optimized due to modern technology.

Our best-selling tea, also considered China’s top teas, include Ziran and Ruyi, which offer an unforgettable, very distinct and unique tea consuming experience. The pyramid tea bags allow an easy and quick tea preparation process without sabotaging any of the tea's first-class quality.


New Emerail First-Class Tea – finest tea at reasonable prices

In January 2015 Emerail will present its new First-Class Tea-Line. The first-class line, with 3 initial teas (green tea, black tea, jasmine green tea) is for all tea lovers who are used to buying their favorite quality tea in supermarkets and drugstores. The Emerail First-Class Line offers high tea quality at a fair price.