Emerail - Processing

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Due to thousands of years of experience in cultivating and processing tea in China, Emerail is able to supply teas of excellent quality. With the help of extended research and ever-advancing technology, Emerail now is the owner of 3 patents, developing a unique technique for producing finest tea leaves in comparatively large quantities. These new optimized methods are also used to decrease the physically tough labor of tea farmers. Our farmers benefit from wages higher than in other parts of the country and are now enabled to enjoy a high standard of living. To value the living and working conditions of its tea farmers is part of the mission and success of Emerail.

Tea leaves can be harvested up to 3 times a year. Our Ziran Premium Green Tea is produced only from leaves of the first harvest in springtime. They are of superior delicate quality, yielding the freshest, most delicate and intensive flavoring. Thanks to these conditions, Ziran is a first flush green tea of world class.

Green tea can be prepared through various processes, all of which ultimately share common qualities. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented, meaning that the tea leaves are only briefly heated, roasted or steamed. The heat in turn causes the pores of the leaves to close, preventing the escape of the contained enzymes that would normally cause fermentation. This way all natural active ingredients and flavors are preserved. Pan roasting is the most common method of processing green tea in China. We supply our customers with only the the richest and most prominent of the freshly picked and carefully selected whole leaves. After the tea leaves are heated and allowed to cool for a short period of time, they obtain their final form. Each whole leaf is shaped into a small pearl giving Ziran its characteristic shape. The tea is then dried again before beginning its journey to tea lovers all over the world.