Preparation and Consumption

There are many possibilities and individual preferences when it comes to the preparation of tea. For our Ziran Premium Green Tea we suggest the following procedure:

Bring fresh cold water to a boil. Using hot tap water will lead to a cloudiness of the tea. Let the boiling water cool down for 2-3 minutes to a temperature of about 85°C.

Pre-warm your teapot or cup with hot water. Do this by filling it with a bit of hot water, then pour it out again.

Place the pyramid bag into the cup or the teapot (use 2 bags for a pot) and pour the hot water over it.

Let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes. Then - enjoy!

 If you have trouble remembering these steps just think about the 3 easy Ziran golden rules:

 3 minutes to allow boiled water cool down

 3 minutes to let the tea steep, which yields

  3 infusions to enjoy

Some folks choose not to remove the tea after steeping. This sometimes will create a somewhat bitter taste. Although, with teas of high quality - such as Ziran Premium Green Tea - this effect is, if at all, not very strong. You may use our teas up to 3 times. Each brew offers a slightly different aroma: initially tender and fresh, then aromatic and sweet. One can drink tea for many reasons - enjoyment, health, or simply for the pleasure of its leisure. Each of them can make tea consumption a daily part of one’s life. And Zhuang Zi, one of the creators of Taoism, stated long ago: "Only things that are consistent with the rules of nature are in harmony, truly good and beautiful.”

China’s tea culture continues to develop and has ever since had an immense impact on the global art of making tea. Today this includes more than just the advances in production processes and the expansion in variety. It also includes growing knowledge as well as modern and popular ways of preparing tea. The enjoyment factor is becoming more and more popular and widespread - though it has been an essential part of tea culture long since, as the tea master Zhu Quan (1378-1448) states: "A pleasant breeze strikes towards you and you feel as if heaven and earth breathe serenity. After drinking seven cups, you feel like having wings and float light as an angel in heaven. "

In China, tea is consumed on several occasions, in fact - at any time, anywhere. It is also plays an important part in the welcoming of guests. Here, the serving of tea is a symbol of goodwill and friendship. The art of tea creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, offering moments of relaxation and trustful socializing. Emerail Tea is of the finest tea qualities available and may be drunk at every valuable opportunity, whether it is with friends or family or alone in pursuance of a peace bringing moment.