Ziran Premium Green Tea

  • premium quality green tea

  • organic product (certified by IFOAM)

  • first flush - first pick of the year in spring

  • natural whole leaf tea

  • tea leaves shaped into pearls

  • fresh delicate flavor with supreme sweetness

  • ready to use in 100% biodegradable pyramid bags

Ziran is of the highest quality among Chinese green teas. Grown in the tea gardens of Guizhou in South China, only leaves from the first harvest in springtime are picked. These are especially delicate and therefore of a very high grade. For 1 kg of Ziran Premium Green Tea 80 kg of fresh tea leaves are cultivated. This yields a cropping area of 800 square meters. From this, 6 kg of only the best leaves are carefully picked to produce 1kg of Ziran Premium Green Tea. For this reason people of the region affectionately refer to it as "green gold". The tea leaves are processed following the traditional method of pan roasting, which can only be found in China. The result produces an elevated content of health-promoting agents. The whole tea leaves are formed into pearls signifying their rarity and preciousness. During infusion with hot water, the leaves once again reveal their beauty and wonderfully fresh essence. The tea’s fragrance is of a mild chestnut-like aroma and offers a delicate, sweet taste. In the cup, the tea reveals a bright green-gold color. The tea can be brewed up to 3 times without loss of flavor.

Ziran Premium Green Tea is rich in:

-vitamin A and B


Gold Award of the China Tea Expo 2008

Gold Medal of the World Tea Union 2009