First Class Jasmine Green Tea

  • first class quality jasmine green tea from our very own tea plateau
  • an all-natural, additive-free delicacy
  • smooth green tea with a rich jasmine fragrance
  • pleasantly pure and softly stimulating
  • mildly sweet and flowery in aroma
  • allocated in easy-to-use 100% biodegradable bags

Jasmine tea is a 700 year-old delicacy of Chinese history and China's most popular flavored tea of today. In order to prevent spoilage of any kind and guarantee a rich savoriness, Emerail First-Class Jasmine Green Tea undergoes a unique 'aroma exchange' process whereas green tea leaves are blended with jasmine blossoms in a dark room for a period of 30 days. Once the fragrance has been absorbed by the green tea, the jasmine pedals are then intricately removed from the mixture. The result: A wonderful fragrant tea filled with a summery freshness which is very pleasing to the senses. Each sip promises a lovely, mild-sweet, flowery flavor; a fine treat to enjoy at any time of the day.

Infusing your Jasmine Green Tea from the Plateau 3 easy golden rules:
3 minutes to allow boiled water to cool
2-3 minutes to let the tea seep
3 infusions to enjoy from each tea bag