Ruyi Premium Black Tea

  • Chinese premium black tea

  • ready to use in 100% biodegradable pyramid teabag

  • Origin: Guizhou (south China)

  • natural whole leaf tea

  • organic product (certified by IFOAM)

Ruyi is an excellent black tea, harvested at an elevation of 800 to 1200 meters above sea level, located in the highlands of Guizhou in southern China. Production takes place in Emerail Co., Ltd.’s own tea gardens, where the tea leaves are hand-picked and processed under a typical Chinese method of pan roasting. This way, the multitude of health promoting substances remain plentiful and in-tact. The tea leaves are rolled into small pellets which unfold during infusion, revealing a milky, bright red color.

The tea is characterized by its flowery fresh aroma and can be infused up to three times without losing any of its aromatic strength. Ruyi is a pure, sediment-controlled (pesticide-free), black tea specialty from a unique tea region in southern China.
Ruyi Beutel