Origin of Emerail Tea - Guizhou 貴州

Guizhou is a province in the southwest of China extending over an area of about half the size of Germany. High mountains and deep valleys make much of the landscape of Guizhou. The mild and humid climate has led to the creation of large forest areas and fosters the development of prosperous agriculture. In many areas the soil consists of limestone which is decomposed by the abundant rainfall and creates a unique and sometimes bizarre landscape of breathtaking beauty.
Guizhou is a multi-national province with a large percentage of ethnic minorities. Its recognition and promotion from the state gives the province its special image, that of well-preserved traditional villages, colorful market places and people in colorful costumes.

Many protected wildlife animals such as the panda and rare species of monkeys can be found in throughout the mountain regions of the province. The tremendous variety of nature and culture here is the reason why many refer to it as "colorful Guizhou".

Mountainous highlands and a subtropical climate with few sunny days provide tea farmers with perfect tea growing conditions. Tea from this region is very special and till date rarely available on the German and European market. The tea leaves grown in Guizhou have a deep green tone, a high caffeine content of little tannin or acidity. This makes the tea particularly refreshing and very delicate in flavor. As you enjoy the tea, let your mind fly away on a journey to nature, tradition, and back to its origin.