First-Class Black Tea

  • first class quality black tea from our very own tea plateau
  • an all-natural, additive-free delight
  • at-once stimulating and refreshing
  • mildly fruity in taste
  • allocated in easy-to-use 100% biodegradable pyramid bags

Emerail First-Class Black Tea is a beloved selection which is naturally cultivated at a heavenly elevation.  During infusion, the high quality loose tea leaves reveal a creamy golden-red color that quickly becomes apparent in aroma. One of China's most decadent and covet of drinks, her mildly fruity aroma and whiffs of honey offers a stimulating and charming taste experience. Delicate and silky to the lips, it is no wonder such a treasure remained hidden among royalty for many years.

Infusing your Black Tea from the Plateau 3 easy golden rules:
1 minute to allow boiled water to cool
2 minutes to let the tea seep
3 infusions to enjoy from each tea bag