First-Class Green Tea

  • first class quality green tea from our very own tea plateau
  • an all-natural, additive-free delicacy
  • springtime's first harvest
  • nourishing and vitalizing
  • lightly nutty in flavor with a fine sweetness
  • allocated in easy-to-use 100% biodegradable pyramid bags

Emerail First-Class Green Tea is an all-natural, delightful beverage with a slightly nutty aroma and a smooth character. Referred to as 'green gold' in China, the hype of green tea continues to attract new connoisseurs all over the world. Cultivated from the unique Emerail tea gardens located on the majestic highlands of Guizhou, the richness of the soil, plenty rain and the gracing sun provide for the perfect mixture. Upon brewing, a deep green color and a fine sweetness is revealed into every cup. Each sip of this sweet-smooth refreshment is gently vitalizing, restoring one's sense of well-being.

Infusing your Green Tea from the Plateau 3 easy golden rules:
3 minutes to allow boiled water to cool
2-3 minutes to let the tea steep
3 infusions to enjoy from each tea bag