Tea Art up close

Emerail not only puts in every effort to provide tea connoisseurs with excellent and rare tea products. With our customers and friends we also want to share the tradition as well as the modern varieties of China’s fascinating tea culture. This is why we organize a range of colorful promotion activities. We will personally come to your sales region and introduce you and your customers to our special teas with all our enthusiasm. We offer you a classic Chinese tea ceremony in traditional dresses or present information around our Chinese tea world in an enlightening and enjoyable manner. Follow us on our web site and our blog to be up to date on our latest activities.


We currently run the next round of our popular Ziran and Ruyi sweepstake. Try and buy our Ziran Premium Green Tea or our Ruyi Premium Black Tea and take the chance to win a trip to China and visit the Emerail the tea plantations. If you are interested, please contact us for further information.