Responsibility to nature, environment and people

Emerail acts effectively, cautiously and without sacrificing quality or (other) principles. Our tea is grown according to the guidelines of organic farming. This means, no chemicals such as pesticides are involved in the production process of Emerail Tea products. Thus, negative impact on nature is avoided, the well-being of tea farmers and the neighbouring communities living around the tea gardens is protected and the health of our tea consumers fostered. Emerail is also proud to have become the largest organic tea manufacturer in Guizhou, certified by the IFOAM*.

The goal of Emerail is to make Chinese tea specialities of premium quality - from a unique and traditional tea region - available to tea lovers in Europe. For this, the tea leaves are picked very carefully and are gently processed to preserve most of its outstanding natural and health-promoting qualities. Emerail relies on age-old knowledge of the local tea farmers to create the unique quality and taste of the company's tea.

By introducing the latest technology, the working and living standards of our tea farmers has seen significant improvement. The old use of physical labor has become reduced dramatically and farmers are now well paid above the average pay under Chinese standards. Being aware of the traditional hardship of country life in China, we are proud to see them having more time for family and friends and essentially living with joy.

* International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements